Hackensack Meridian Health Launches Innovative New Brand

New brand strategy emphasizes well-orchestrated health care – people working together to create an integrated, connected and excellent health care experience  

Edison, NJ – Hackensack Meridian Health, New Jersey’s most comprehensive and integrated health network, today launched its new brand.  The brand strategy will be accompanied by a new tagline, Life Years Ahead, to emphasize Hackensack Meridian Health’s commitment to innovation, research and forward-thinking health care initiatives.

“Over the last nine months, Hackensack Meridian Health has successfully integrated into the leading health care network in New Jersey.   Our new brand is just another step toward truly becoming one network that is elevating the standard of health care not only in New Jersey but nationwide,” said Robert C. Garrett, FACHE, co-CEO, Hackensack Meridian Health. “Our team is redesigning how care is delivered, creating long-term sustainable solutions not only for our customers and patients, but for our care team as well.  Our tagline, Life Years Ahead, reflects our commitment to pushing the boundaries of medicine to reach new heights of research and innovation.”

“Hackensack Meridian Health is committed to creating a culture that brings people together to enhance the patient experience.  Our team comes together to provide a continuum of care that is truly innovative,” said John K. Lloyd, FACHE, co-CEO of Hackensack Meridian Health.  “Each and every member of our team at Hackensack Meridian Health is important to creating a seamless patient experience and better patient outcomes.  We look forward to rolling out our new brand, which will be integral in everything we do and make Hackensack Meridian Health a national model for changing the delivery of health care.”

Hackensack Meridian Health is at the forefront of providing the most innovative and integrated health care.  Its commitment to research is contributing to fast-track breakthroughs that are revolutionizing care.  The organization is dedicated to educating the next generation of physicians and allied health professionals.  Hackensack Meridian Health’s full spectrum of services – everything from hospitals to home care to rehabilitation – are perfectly orchestrated and in tune with the needs of its patients.  The more than 28,000 team members and 6,000 physicians across the health network are working together to provide the very best health care experience.

“The essence of our brand was developed from intense research and months of strategic exploration with our various constituents. We wanted to create a brand and a brand positioning that embodies all of our aspirations as well as the unique relationship and experiences that consumers have come to expect from health care,” said Chrisie Scott, chief marketing officer of Hackensack Meridian Health.  “Our brand isn’t just about the health care we deliver and the innovation we spark, though they are extraordinarily important. It is about the joy and anticipation someone has of being well enough to fully participate in life, to look forward to the moments when he or she feels best and is truly alive. How we intersect around those expectations and personalize and humanize that relationship.  That is the essence of our brand. Did we orchestrate excellence at every opportunity for that person?”

Hackensack Meridian Health’s brand rollout is part of an overall network strategic plan that is focused on executing the following:

  • Network Integration – Hackensack Meridian Health is committed to upholding its reputation as a great place to work. It will accomplish this by integrating its new brand into the overall culture of working together to create an excellent health care experience.
  • Clinical Integration, Leader in Clinical & Quality Measures – Hackensack Meridian Health’s new brand and logo stress the importance of clinical integration and population health, which will lead to improved patient experience and outcomes. The network is dedicated to becoming a high reliability organization (HRO).  In response to consumer demand for transparency, Hackensack Meridian Health recently launched quality reporting on its website, as well as online physician ratings for employed doctors.  The network is also positioned to implement bundled care and payment models to improve quality and produce savings for patients.
  • Physician Enterprise – Hackensack Meridian Health will be promoting this new culture by increasing physician alignment through population health, clinical integration, creating connectivity and engagement. The network will also focus on the future of health care by educating upcoming physicians, providers and leaders through the new School of Medicine in partnership with Seton Hall University.
  • Strategic Partnership – Hackensack Meridian Health has developed a number of innovative strategic partnerships in recent years, which includes Memorial Sloan Kettering and Seton Hall University. The network will continue to foster these new partnerships that will help advance the future of medicine by training the physicians, nurses and providers of tomorrow to focus on patient-centered care.  The network will also emphasize creating a culture where health care professionals embrace a team based approach that will improve patient outcomes.
  • Expanded Continuum – Hackensack Meridian Health will continue expanding its wide-reaching continuum of care through acute care, outpatient and retail centers to ensure patients are receiving the right care, by the right people, at the right time. Partnerships with Memorial Sloan Kettering and JFK Medical Center will expand the network’s reach.
  • Technology and Innovation – Hackensack Meridian Health is dedicated to advancing medicine and innovation through initiatives like developing an Innovation Center, elevating telemedicine and partnering with the ride-sharing service UBER. Embracing new technology will lead to more affordable care, better outcomes and an improved patient experience.

A media campaign featuring the new brand will launch on April 10, and will include print, digital, television, radio and social media advertisements.  New signage will also be installed throughout Hackensack Meridian Health facilities in the coming weeks and months.

All 13 network hospitals’ names will be updated with Hackensack Meridian Health in front of the hospital’s existing names.