Diabetes Self-Management Program

About Our Diabetes Self-Management Program

The Diabetes Self-Management Program at Southern Ocean Medical Center is committed to improving the quality of life of those with diabetes. The focus of diabetes education is on both the patient and his or her family and centers around the cornerstones of diabetes self-management:

  • Blood Sugar Monitoring
  • Medical Nutritional Therapy
  • Exercise
  • Medication

The goal of the program is to provide individuals with diabetes and their families with the tools to take control of diabetes, safely manage the disease and prevent serious complications.

Highly Trained and Certified Staff

The Diabetes Management Team at Southern Ocean Medical Center includes certified diabetes educators, registered nurses, dietitians, pharmacists, podiatrists and fitness instructors who specialize in diabetes self-management training. This multi-faceted team of professionals works closely with physicians and specialists to help participants manage their diabetes safely and effectively.

Participants of the Diabetes Self-Management Program meet team members in a one-on-one setting to assess their needs and design a customized educational program. Services include instructions on how to safely administer insulin, the proper care and use of a self-blood sugar monitor and more. Team members take time to provide hands-on practice to ensure participants are comfortable with their medication regimen and proficient in self-blood sugar testing and all aspects of diabetes care.

Care Locations

  • Southern Ocean Medical Center, 1140 Route 72 West, Manahawkin, NJ 08050

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