Prevention and Education

When you are equipped with knowledge about your potential cancer risk, you can make informed decisions about prevention, early detection strategies, and available treatments. Many preventative options include basic lifestyle choices such as diet, physical activity, and avoidance of certain habits.

Screenings and Educational Events

Meridian Cancer Care provides a range of services to foster cancer prevention and early detection from wellness programs and screenings to lectures and seminars from cancer experts. To learn more about upcoming events, call 1-800-560-9990 or visit our online event calendar.

The following screenings are available – skin, colorectal, lung, breast.

Mammogram Reminder

Early detection is the best defense to breast cancer. Sign-up to receive a free yearly mammogram e-mail reminder.

State-of-the-Art Diagnostics

Meridian Cancer Care provides specialists with the most sophisticated technology and equipment available to detect all cancer types including:
•  Mammography
•  MRI
•  Ultrasound
•  CT Scan
•  High Resolution SPECT Imaging
•  SuperDimension inReach Electromagnetic Navigation Bronchoscopy