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For Immediate Release
Dec 8, 2015
Contact : Robert Cavanaugh, Manager of Public Affairs for Meridian Health  

Inside Jersey and New Jersey Monthly Magazines Recognize More Than 200 Meridian Health Affiliated Physicians with 2015 "Top Docs" Honors


Neptune, NJ - Inside Jersey Magazine and New Jersey Monthly Magazine have selected more than 200 physicians affiliated with Meridian Health to their "Top Docs" lists for 2015. Each magazine partnered with a third-party research organization to survey physicians, asking them to identify excellent doctors in every specialty in their region and throughout the nation, as well as to nominate other New Jersey doctors that they would choose to treat their own family members.

For this year’s list of Top Doctors, New Jersey Monthly commissioned an independent survey by Leflein Associates.A total of 24,689 New Jersey-based doctors were invited to give recommendations of the physicians they would choose to treat their own family members.

Leflein Associates mailed a questionnaire to all New Jersey-based physicians who have been licensed by the state for at least five years. The mailing list, which is used by the state Board of Medical Examiners for licensing purposes, was obtained from the New Jersey Department of Consumer Affairs. Respondents could return the original paper questionnaire or complete the questionnaire online. Web survey participants were required to enter their license number to avoid duplicate voting.

The following Meridian affiliated physicians were named to the NJ Monthly list by their peers:

Apurv Agrawal, M.D.
Nasir Ahmad, M.D.
Khalid Ahmad, M.D.
Joseph Albanese, D.O.
Edward Allegra, M.D.
Mitchel Alpert, M.D.
Richard Angrist, M.D.
Spiros Arbes, M.D.
Michael Arvanitis, M.D.
Manjula Ashok, M.D.
Teddy Atik, M.D.
Matt Bach, M.D.
Harry Bade III, M.D.
Joseph Barbalinardo, M.D.
Joseph Basilone, M.D.
William, Basri, M.D.
Ronald Benitez, M.D.
Tarun Bhandari, M.D.
Michael Bickerton, M.D.
Mark Biebel, DPM
Steven Binenbaum, M.D.
Joseph Binns, M.D.
Rajiv Biswal, M.D.
Joseph Boak Jr, M.D.
Iza Boesler, M.D.
Joseph P. Bogdan, M.D.
Frank Borao, M.D.
John Bowe, M.D.
Daniel Brouder, M.D.
Debra Camal, M.D.
Joseph Canterino, M.D.
Michael Carroll III, M.D.
Kathleen Casey, M.D.
Joseph Cauda, M.D.
Stephen Chagares, M.D.
John Chapman, M.D.
John Checton, M.D.
Kenneth Chern, M.D.
Arthur Christiano, M.D.
Clifford Chu, M.D.
Aristides Codoyannis, M.D.
Jason Cohen, M.D.
Harry Coniaris, M.D.
Donald Cugini, M.D.
Miguel Damien, M.D.
Jeffrey Daniels, M.D.
Bruce DeCotiis, M.D.
Mark DeCotiis, DPM
Gustavo DeLaLuz, M.D.
Haralambos, Demetriades, M.D.
Frederick DePaola, M.D.
Jeffrey Dobken, M.D.
Roy Dressner, D.O.
Sukrut Dwivedi, D.O.
Carrie Edelman, M.D.
Andrew Elkwood, M.D.
Mohamed Elsawaf, M.D.
Samuel Engel, M.D.
Amy Eschinger, M.D.
David Estin, M.D.
George Fahoury Jr., DPM
Joel Fechisin, M.D.
Thomas Fiest, D.O.
Michael Fleisher, M.D.
Daniel Flynn, M.D.
Gregg Foos, M.D.
Silvia Fresco, M.D.
Glenn Gabisan, M.D.
Kalyani Gardilla, M.D.
Sudha Garla, M.D.
David Gentile, M.D.
Mark Gesell, M.D.
Robert Gialanella, M.D.
Noah Gilson, M.D.
Wahid Girgis, M.D.
Nicole Glynn, M.D.
Christopher, Godek, M.D.
Thaddeus Grabowy, M.D.
Gregory Greco, D.O.
Aron Green, M.D.
Susan Greenberg, M.D.
Kenneth Grossman, M.D.
Richard Haddad, M.D.
Catherine Hanlon, M.D.
Alan Haratz, M.D.
Peter Hetzler, M.D.
Hector Iglesias, M.D.
Vishal Jain, M.D.
Christopher Johnson, M.D.
Stephen Jurewicz, M.D.
Rajat Kapoor, D.O.
Brian Katt, M.D.
Ira Keselman, M.D.
Charles Koo, M.D.
Robert Kosinski, M.D.
Sung Kwon, M.D.
Thomas Lake III, M.D.
Vipul Lakhani, M.D.
Nelson LaMarche, M.D.
Peter Lapman, M.D.
Andrew Lee, M.D.
Kenneth Liss, D.O.
Douglas Livornese, M.D.
Kevin Lopyan, M.D.
Martin Luria, M.D.
Theodore Lygas, M.D.
Donald Macdonald, M.D.
Arthur Mark, M.D.
Joseph Marsicano, M.D.
Ajay Mathur, M.D.
Charles Mattina , M.D.
Kevin McDaid, M.D.
Aditya Mehra , M.D.
Peter Mencel, M.D.
Joshua Mendelson, M.D.
Pierre Mendoza, M.D.
Scott Metzger, M.D.
Ariel Meyer, D.O.
Gregg Mojares, D.O.
Hoan-Vu Nguyen, M.D.
Debra O'Brien, M.D.
Thomas O'Brien, M.D.
Ty Olson, M.D.
Jeffrey Osofsky, M.D.
Robert Pannullo, M.D.
Ilene Pardon, M.D.
Glenn Parker, M.D.
James Pasquariello, M.D.
Mark Pass, M.D.
Ashish Patel, M.D.
Tushar Patel, M.D.
Chandler Patton, M.D.
John Pellegrino, M.D.
Robert Penney, M.D.
Gary Pess, M.D.
Frank Picone, M.D.
James Polowczyk, DPM
Arvind "Vin" Prabhat, M.D.
Steven Priolo, M.D.
Sumul Raval, M.D.
John Rose, M.D.
James Rotolo, M.D.
Manimala Roy, M.D.
Mildred Sabo, M.D.
Mark Schwartz, M.D.
Michel Serieye, M.D.
Frank Sharp, M.D.
Ellen Sher, M.D.
Robert Smith, M.D.
Christopher Spagnuola, M.D.
Peter Staats, M.D.
Lawrence Stankovits, M.D.
Karl Strom, M.D.
Robert Sweeney, D.O.
Michael Tavill, M.D.
Sunil Thacker, M.D.
Philip Therrien, M.D.
Matthew Tobin, M.D.
Brian Torpey, M.D.
John Tozzi, M.D.
Lawrence Turtel, M.D.
Rajiv Uppal, M.D.
Martin Uram, M.D.
Lawrence VanHorn, M.D.
Arthur Vasen, M.D.
Thomas Vates III, M.D.
Ronald Villanueva, M.D.
Kenneth Wasser, M.D.
Stephen Windsor, M.D.
Brian Wolfman, M.D.
Tina Zecca, D.O.
L. Steven Zukerman, M.D.

Inside Jersey
partners with Castle Connolly Medical Ltd to compile its list of Top Doctors. Castle Connolly bases its selection process on the foundation of peer nominations. All licensed physicians, MDs and DOs, are invited to participate in their online process, which is found at Castle Connolly also directly contacts more than 50,000 physicians and hospital and healthcare executives, a nationwide distribution of nomination notifications via various media channels.

Physicians can nominate those other doctors whom they feel are the most outstanding in their medical specialties, in any area of medicine and in any part of the country, indicating also whether they believe that the physician is among the best in their region or among the very best in the nation. Also, already-selected Castle Connolly Top Doctors® are actively encouraged through various communications to participate in this process as well. A physician cannot nominate him/herself.

The following Meridian affiliated physicians were named to the Inside Jersey list by their peers:

Michael Arvanitis, M.D.
Russell Ashinoff, M.D.
Harry Bade, M.D.
Joseph Binns, M.D.
Harris Bram, M.D.
Stephen, Chidyllo, M.D.
Miguel Damien, M.D.
Jeffrey Daniels, M.D.
Robert DeMartin, M.D.
Shamina Dhillon, M.D.
Richard Drachtman, M.D.
Stephen Dudick, M.D.
Jack Ebani, M.D.
Andrew Elkwood, M.D.
Thomas Fiest, D.O.
Denis Fitzgerald, M.D.
Michael Fleisher, M.D.
Jules Geltzeiler, M.D.
Mehmet Genc, M.D.
Noah Gilson, M.D.
Caroline Glicksman, M.D.
Jan Glowacki, M.D.
Michael Graff, M.D.
Susan Greenberg, M.D.
Gary Gross, M.D.
Kenneth Grossman, M.D.
Robert Grossman, M.D.
Robert Herbstman, M.D.
Peter Hetzler, M.D.
Andrew Hirsch, M.D.
Denise Johnson Miller, M.D.
Matthew Kaufman, M.D.
Thomas Lake, M.D.
William Lerner, M.D.
Steven Lisser, M.D.
Yigal S. Litvin, M.D.
William Maggio, M.D.
Mark Martens, M.D.
Raymond Masterson, M.D.
Ronald Matteotti, M.D.
Scott Metzger, M.D.
Barton Nassberg, M.D.
Richard Neibart, M.D.
Frank Picone, M.D.
Stephen Rice, M.D.
Michael Rose, M.D.
John Rose, M.D.
Bruce Rosenblum, M.D.
James Rotolo, M.D.
Said Samra, M.D.
Joaquin Santolaya, M.D.
Frank Scaccia, M.D.
Michael Sclafani, M.D.
Ellen Sher, M.D.
Svetlana Shifrin-Douglas, M.D.
Paul Silbert, M.D.
Peter Staats, M.D.
Marvin Talansky, M.D.
Arthur Topilow, M.D.
Lawrence Turtel, M.D.
Penny Turtel, M.D.
Christina Walsh, M.D.
Kenneth Wasser, M.D.
Alan Zaccaria, M.D.

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