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Nov 9, 2015
Contact : Donna Sellmann, Public Relations Manager  

Anterior Hip Procedure Touts Benefits for Hip Replacement Patients

Procedure now being performed at Southern Ocean Medical Center  

Manahawkin, NJ - For patients contemplating hip replacement surgery, the anterior procedure is an option with great benefits and is offered at only a handful of hospitals in Ocean county. Southern Ocean Medical Center in Manahawkin is one of the few locations currently offering this procedure.

Total hip replacement (also called total hip arthroplasty) is most often performed by surgeons entering the hip joint from the back or side (the Posterior or Lateral approaches, respectively).These approaches involve splitting muscles or separating them from bone.

The Anterior approach for total hip replacement is an alternative which has certain benefits compared to the posterior and lateral approaches. With the anterior approach, as it is currently performed, the surgeon accesses the hip joint from the front and works in-between the muscles, without detaching them from the pelvis or femur (thigh bone).

Stanley P. Michael, M.D., medical director of the Joint Replacement Program at Southern Ocean Medical Center in Manahawkin, currently performs anterior hip replacements at the hospital. "This is a procedure which requires special training on the part of the surgeon", he says, "and investment in a suitable operation table by the hospital." Southern Ocean Medical Center has invested in this type of special operating table, which allows the leg end of the table to be lowered during a certain part of the surgery. This enables better access to the upper end of the femur for preparation of the bone and placement of the femoral component of the hip replacement, which are vital to the success of the procedure.

Dr. Michael describes three main advantages of the anterior approach for total hip replacement:

1. Since the surgeon does not cut muscles, there is less pain after surgery and, therefore, less need for narcotic medications. The rehabilitation is also easier, with less limping and better overall function of the operated limb.

2. There is greater stability of the ball and socket of the replaced hip joint. The hip is held in place by the muscles until a new capsule forms around the joint. Since the muscles are not cut with this approach, improved stability means that patients have less restrictions imposed on their activities (so-called "hip precautions.") They do not usually need to use special chairs or raised toilet seats and can start driving sooner, without the risk of dislocating the hip joint.

3. Because the surgery is performed with the patient in the supine (lying flat) position, fluoroscopy (known as “live x-ray”) can be used during the operation, to guide the bone preparation and ensure accurate fit and positioning of the hip implants, thereby improving the safety of the surgery and long-term survival of the hip replacement. This, according to Dr. Michael, may well be the greatest benefit of the approach.

"Patient feedback has been tremendous", says Dr. Michael. "This is still major surgery, but patients regain good function in a much shorter period of time. In fact, I've had many patients get back to a nearly normal lifestyle within two or three weeks after having their hips replaced by the anterior approach."

To learn more about the joint replacement program at Southern Ocean Medical Center, visit or call 1-800-DOCTORS for a free physician referral to an orthopedic surgeon or other specialist.

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