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Mar 18, 2015
Contact : Robert Cavanaugh, Manager of Public Affairs for Meridian Health  
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Ensocare to be Reseller for iMPak Health’s Medication Monitoring System


Omaha, NE - An agreement was reached today between Ensocare and New Jersey-based iMPak Health to include iMPak’s innovative medication management system, Kraken, as part of the Ensocare sales portfolio. Ensocare will serve as an authorized re-seller for the Kraken system, which may be sold alone or, in the future, as an integrated feature inside of Ensocare’s Sync and Connect software engines.

“We are very excited to find a new way to bring our medication monitoring systems to patients and families that need them,” said iMPak Health’s director, Albert Baker. “One of the primary reasons for patients’ declining health after any medical treatment is their failure to take their medications correctly,” he added.

According to Mayo Clinic Proceedings, a peer-reviewed medical journal sponsored by Mayo Clinic and authored by physicians worldwide, approximately 50% of patients do not take their medications as prescribed. Barriers to medication adherence are extremely complex, but include reasons such as lack of understanding or literacy issues, and economic status. With hospitals now being held accountable for patient oversight post-discharge, the importance of coordinating the complex issue of medication adherence no longer rests entirely with the patient alone.

The Kraken medication manager is a two-part system: a sorting station and a Daypak. It connects using Bluetooth Smart technology with enabled devices such as Qualcomm Life’s 2Net Hub, smartphones and tablets, to manage patients’ complex medication regimes. The system not only helps organize and keep track of medications, it sends reminders to take medications on time and as prescribed, and creates user-friendly reports to share with patients’ doctors and family members to ensure medication compliance.

Ensocare's online solution suite facilitates care transitions and engages patients and families through its web-based technology and an industry-leading, no-cost network of more than 100,000 post-acute care providers. Ensocare Transition integrates with existing electronic health record systems such as Cerner and Epic to further streamline and ensure the transfer of vital information from acute to post-acute facilities.

“iMPak’s medication monitoring solution is a good fit for Ensocare,” said Wayne Sensor, Ensocare CEO. “Kraken serves to empower patients, family members and their care teams with the information to monitor compliance and initiate interventions through improved line of sight to the patient post discharge.”

According to iMPak’s Director, Albert Baker, the time is right to bring medication management into the important discussion of patient care transitions and discharge planning. The system is particularly helpful for those patients who are “at-risk” for readmission after they leave the hospital.  This additional touch-point serves to increase patient engagement as an active part of their care team enabling informed conversations between the patient and their providers. These are the same patients who stand to benefit most from Ensocare’s care coordination solutions.

About iMPak Health
iMPak Health’s mission is to develop innovative, easy-to-use devices to screen, diagnose, and monitor health conditions through wireless technology. iMPak Health believes in the power of the individual. Their low cost, easy to use mobile health solutions are designed to help individuals assess, track and manage a variety of health conditions including cardiac health, COPD, diabetes, weight, asthma and others. The data collected can easily be shared with their physician for a complete personal health management solution. For more information about Impak Health visit us at

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