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For Immediate Release
Jul 14, 2011
Contact : Joyce McFadden, Vice President, Marketing & Public Relations  

Southern Ocean Medical Center Neurologist Finds Success Treating Migraines


Manahawkin, NJ - Over 4.5 million Americans are said to suffer headaches.  And those who suffer migraines are often kept from their jobs and or play due to the debilitating pain and symptoms. 

Board certified Neurologist Tommasina Papa-Rugino, M.D. has treated some of her migraine headache patients with a new Botox treatment and has seen good results. 

With a sub-specialty in headache management, Dr. Papa-Rugino sees many headache patients – the majority of whom suffer from migraines.  "Migraines can be quite disabling and they can occur once a month up to once a day," she says. 

"For patients who have failed with traditional medications and preventative medications I have begun using Botox injections.  We usually think of Botox use for aesthetic or beauty reasons but it was approved within the past year by the FDA as a treatment for chronic migraine headaches," she says.

"For migraine treatment Botox injections are given in several muscles around the head, occipital area and neck. The injection of Botox in key areas on the head seems to reduce both the frequency and intensity of migraines in my patients," she says.

Dr. Papa-Rugino a member of the Southern Ocean Medical Center medical staff and Meridian Neuroscience Network.  She has an office in Manahawkin, NJ.