Our History

Located in one of the largest and fastest growing counties in the state, Southern Ocean Medical Center has become a vibrant healthcare resource to our residents and visitors.

Following are some key moments from our history which speak to our development and establishment as a destination of choice for health care in the region:

  • In the early 1970's, a small group of committed residents on Long Beach Island, led by the late James Nobel, shared a dream to build a hospital.

  • In 1972, after many years of fundraising, Southern Ocean County Hospital was opened in August under the sponsorship of Burlington Memorial, with 54 beds and 17 physicians.

  • In 1980, the James Nobel Pavilion was constructed adding a second floor with an additional 40 beds making Southern Ocean County Hospital eligible to apply for an independent operating license.

  • In January 2010, Southern Ocean County Hospital joined the Meridian family.

  • Southern Ocean County Hospital officially changed their name to Southern Ocean Medical Center in October 2010.

  • Today, Southern Ocean Medical Center is a 176-bed center for medical excellence, featuring 230 physicians representing over 40 specialties, and over 1,200 skilled healthcare professionals.